About Us

Manufacturing high quality products is not enough...
We aim for nothing less than perfection by maintaining high quality constant.

SHAGHAYEGH DERAKHSHAN RANGIN as a young and fast growing company equipped with highest technology machineries and benefiting the advantages of latest science about tobacco industry is active in Trading, Production and Distribution of cigarettes worldwide. We are responsible for users' health, money they spend, and respect their choice and trust. Therefore, raw materials are supplied from most celebrated European suppliers who provide reliable & high quality materials having the advantage of coping with cigarettes manufacturer's specific needs and maintaining constant quality which results in high quality of our cigarettes.

Establishing a branch at the gateway of Middle East and having honor of cooperating with cigarette distributers we take advantages of doing business worldwide and covering international markets offering various and high quality products. Our passionate team of experts intend to achieve the company's mission which is endeavor to ensure customers satisfaction and trust. We give meticulous attention to efficiency and intend to continue our path to the peak of perfection by continuous and regular audit of whole process, from purchase of raw materials until making the product available to the end-user.

Being perfect means creating awesome experience and memorable taste for end-users.